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Guaranteed Qualified
Exclusive Lead Generation

  • GUARANTEED - You absolutely will not be charged for unqualified leads. 
  • QUALIFIED - Prospects after viewing your Company Video, call you. You set the quality parameters, if the prospect does not meet your standards, there is no charge. 
  • SCALEABLE - You tell us how many prospect you can handle, daily, weekly, monthly. If you decide to expand your business, we can scale to meet your needs.
  • FIXED PRICING - No more guessing what your advertising costs are, based on results. You pay for each lead AFTER YOU'VE SPOKEN to prospect.
  • CONTRACTORS, DENTAL - The cost for standard contractor and Dental is $50 per Qualified, Exclusive prospect. Other categories vary based on competition and various factors. i.e. Towing can go for $10, whereas Attorney Practices will be higher.
  • COMPLETE LEAD CAMPAIGN SET-UP - From advertising content, images and videos. To ad placement and optimization.
B2B B2C Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

Without sales your company can't exist, and if your company is a technical or professional organization, you may be brilliant at what you do, but may find it challenging to win new customers.

If this is you - maybe you need us?

What impact would quality leads have on your organization?

Better Mousetrap Media's mission is to make it easy for organizations to find their future clients, and their future clients to find them.

We were founded on the belief that complex and confusing buying processes cause frustration for consumers and make it difficult for organizations to find and acquire new clients. 

We are here to remove that frustration and create quality opportunities for you to grow.

B2B or B2C Lead Gen
is a building process

Without a Lead Generation process, salespeople spend 80% of their time looking for someone to talk to, and spend only 5% on closing.

By letting Better Mousetrap Media laser target your specific demographics, your sales team can start at phase 3- Leads, this way they spend 80% of their time being more productive. Winning new clients.

$ 1500

Lead Campaign Set-up

Campaign Set-up includes: Designing campaign(s) that meet your companies specific needs and goals. Targeted prospects profile.
Video, Lead Magnet Offer. A/B Testing. BMMedia will design graphics, copywrite sales text.

Provide Lead Data Capture, Phone Platform transfer, and call review.

Campaign Packages:


$ 149

Corporate Video

Corporate Animated Video. Up to 60 seconds. Includes Script, Background Music, Professional Voice Over, 2 revisions.

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So, if you want to discover how we find your potential clients using our targeted lead process, just call us at 702 272-3042 or fill in our form below.

We can guarantee one thing, at a minimum you'll walk away with ideas that will positively enhance your lead generation and sales effectiveness.

Let us build your Sales Pipeline!


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