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Email Marketing

59% of marketers report email is their best revenue-generating channel.

Consumers who buy products marketed through email, spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.

Sales emails have 8X more opens and clicks, and can produce 6X more money, than other types of email

Professional B2B marketers across the board know the hand that feeds them, it’s called email. However, marketers aren’t business owners, and these owners don’t capitalize on it to their own detriment. If you own a business, it pays to step into the light on this.

Also, let’s break this down because it can get tricky. Sales emails are the  bomb, when done right and spread out between valuable content.

If you go for the sale every email you’ll get killed. But do it right, and there’s a large payday to be made.

Mobile-First. 54% of emails are now opened in mobile email clients 

Needless to say, mobile devices have been taking over the desktop devices for quite some time. Responsive design will no longer be a “nice to have,” it will be a “must have.”

Since most mobile visitors come to websites from an article vs. the homepage, we’ll start seeing more articles ending with email sign up forms to increase conversions. 

Apparently, people love interacting with emails that include image galleries, buttons, quizzes, and surveys. This trend will continue on in 2018.


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