Landing Pages & Website Optimization

Many Businesses make the mistake of spending a ton on ads, and sending them all to their website page.

Unlike website pages, landing pages are designed specifically to convert visitors into leads.

Which one do you think performs better? 

If you said landing pages, you would be correct. There are many studies where ad-specific landing pages out-performed generic pages by 115%.

While not to dismiss the importance of website optimization and their Lead Generation capabilities, it takes longer to get good ranking vs landing pages.

Lead Magnets

Typically, landing pages provide information on some kind of offer and gives visitors a form to fill out to receive the offer. This is the trade in which you offer something of value in exchange for an anonymous visitor giving you permission to market to them.

BMM will assist you in stratagizing and designing the best Freebie Offer for your Lead Magnet. i.e. Coupon, ebook, Industry Report, Discount Code, etc.


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